Mayor of Buea; Ekema Patrick has been banned by a BIR commander from entering Buea says Lucas Asu; Ambazonian strategist (Watch Video)


On Friday, the 12th of April,2019, Lucas Asu; an Ambazonian strategist (who runs a popular Facebook page titled Southern Cameroon Leadership Strategy) announced during a Live Facebook show, that The mayor of Buea; Ekema Patrick Esunge has been banned by a BIR commander from entering Buea.

During the live Facebook show, Lucas Asu revealed that he was informed directly by the some of the security personnel of Buea, that the loud mouth Mayor of Buea; Mr Ekema Patrick; who has been terrorizing the people of Buea, has been banned by a BIR commander who is incharge of his security protection in Buea.

According to Lucas Asu, Mayor Patrick Ekema was banned because he was having a secret sexual affair with the daughter of the BIR Commander; who is a UB student.

He added that After the BIR commander found out that Patrick Ekema has been sleeping with his daughter, he got so upset to the extend that he wanted to beat up Ekema Patrick.Now he has banned Mayor Ekema Patrick from entering Buea.

Lucas Asu didn’t reveal how the BIR commander is going to implement the ban he allegedly imposed on Mayor Ekema Patrick.

In reaction to the unfounded news, many Ambazonians have labelled the announcement made by Lucas Asu as fake news gainsaying that its impossible for a servant to prevent his master from entering his house. In other words, Mayor Ekema Patrick is in control of Buea and is therefore the one who has the authority to ban the so called BIR Commander and not the other way round.

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