Ambazonia Lock down made Limbe “inhabitable” to Limbe FESTAC Visitors; who couldn’t find Roasted Sea Fish to eat (PHOTOS)



Large Number of visitors; who come to Limbe to attend the Limbe FESTAC event, often visit the popular spot in Downbeach, Limbe popular known as Boukarou; where friends meet to eat delicious roasted sea fish and listen to good music.

However during 2019 Limbe FESTAC period, was a shadow of its real self  i..e. due to the 7 days Lockdown imposed by the Ambazonia IG, the Limbe roasted fish market was a scanty space with bare tables haphazardly positioned.

Many of roasted fresh fish vendors didn’t go to work for fear of the Amba boys.

Due to the aforementioned fact, many Limbe FESTAC visitors could find roasted Fresh fish to eat.

Mama Mary Ndive; who is a trader in prawns, and sea snails told CRTV one of the reasons why the Limbe Fish Market was deserted.

She said…

” The crisis  has scared people from coming to Limbe. We used to make huge profits daily , only a few years back, but since this problem began, we are unable to sell . Things keep moving from bad to worse. Taking care of our families has become a real struggle ”

From the fact presented by Mama Mary Ndive, we can deduce that many of the roasted Fresh vendors in Downbeach Limbe have quit the job due to poor sales.

Nevertheless many of fish vendors are hoping that the situation will get better.

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